Saturday, January 1, 2011

CheckList - An Android Shop Tracking Application


There are many time in our life that we faced issue remembering the stuff we came to shop for. We realize that we have missed to buy important stuff when we are back at home. CheckList helps us to recover from this problem. The application helps us to keep track of things we need to shop for. The application allows to add items (once and then maintains the history) and select it for the shopping list. The goal of the application is to help the end-user not to forget any item that he/she needs to shop.

The main features of the product are listed below:
  •     Allows users to add/delete Shopping Items.
  •     Shows statistics of last two purchases of all items.
  •     Users can select list of shopping items and add them to track shopping items.
  •     Users can track the items purchased and pending lists.
  •     Configure various settings of the application.


List Tab
1) Adding Items into Shop List
Enter the Item name in the textbox and click on the Add button to add new items into the existing shoping list
2) Tracking shoplist
Select the items in the list that you need to shop for and select Menu->Track to add them into the TrackList. The items you have selected should now be visible in the Track Tab. Now these items should be displayed as Tracked in the List Tab.
3) Delete Items from Shop List
Select the items that you need to delete permanently from the available shop list and select Menu->Delete. Once you have confirmed, the items will be permanently deleted from the available shop list.

Track Tab
1) Finish Shoping
Once you are done shopping, select the items that you have shopped in the Track list. Select Menu->Finish to complete the shoping. Once you have confirmed, the shopped items will be added to the statistics.
2) Restart Shoping
Selecting Menu->Restart, deselects all the items in the Track List and allows you to start from the biginning. The tracked items will still remain in the Track List.
3) Remove from Track List
Select the items to remove from the Track list and select Menu->Delete. This will remove the selected items from the Track List but will still be there in the main available shopping items in List Tab.

This option is available on both the Tabs. Selecting Menu->Statistics shows you the last purchased items. The number of shopping history to maintain is configurable from the settings menu. Press the Back button on your phone to come out of the Statistics screen.

Select Menu->Settings to enter into Settings screen. The settings screen has options to store the number of shopping history to maintain in statistics. Press the Back button on your phone to come out of the settings screen. The settings get saved automatically.

Press the Back button on your phone from the Tab screen to close the application.

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