Sunday, January 30, 2011

JustNote - A Simple NotePad application for Android

JustNote is a very simple notepad application. You can quickly make notes anytime of what you think and what you want.

Features of JustNote
1) Make QuickNotes.
2) Email one or more Notes.
3) SMS Notes to anyone you like to share.
4) Delete Notes.
5) Set color for Notes.
6) Easy Navigation between Notes.


1) HomeScreen

2) Notes Viewer

3) Notes Editer

4) EMail Notes

5) SMS Notes


  1. Hi there! I didn't want to post in the app review, but in JustNote Pro i had a checklist, deleted it, created a new one, and populated it with entries. I verified the contents were correct, went to the home screen, and when I reopened JustNote Pro the old list was there under the new list's name. I was at the grocery by then and had to go by memory. I ended up making cheeseless lasagna... the horror... But seriously, it's a bug I think. :)

    (Also, can you put small text on the buttons by chance? The icons aren't self-descriptive enough for a new user like myself!)

  2. Also if this isn't you, I think your stuff is being pirated and then resold:

  3. Missing: I wish you would put a feature on app to password lock notes, checklist, or even a folder, etc.

    Also, a settings feature would be nice.


  4. He never updates this app...WHY?

  5. To be able to sync between my phone and tablet/pc would be great. Having files would also be a great feature otherwise a great little app.